Josh Braun

I love coaching entrepreneurs on how to sell without selling their soul.

Name: Josh Braun

  • Age: 47
  • Twitter: @joshbraun
  • Email: josh@joshbraun.com
  • Location: Boca Raton
  • Work: What is Sales For Starters?
  • AKA: Husband (12+ years), Writer, Sales Yoda, Teacher, Triathlete, Guitar Player
  • Links: LinkedIn

A Quick Biography

I’m Josh Braun, the Founder of Sales for Starters and most recently, the Head of Business Development for Basecamp in Chicago where I helped conduct customer interviews, increase conversion rates, drive sign ups and form strategic partnerships.

Prior to Basecamp, I was the VP of Business Development for Jellyvision where I was the top producer every year. I moved to managing where I trained and coached sales development reps into top performers.  (Here’s a lovely letter from Sam, one of the sales development reps I worked with.)

I got my start at ChildU, an education startup, where I headed up sales and grew revenue from zero to 6 million prior to being acquired by CompassLearning.

In my early days I was an elementary school teacher and the founder of Megahedz, an after school technology camp.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to “sell without selling their souls” which I do through coaching, on my blog and at 1871 in Chicago.

I’m currently the VP of Growth & Acquisition for Animal Pharmaceuticals.

I enjoy training for triathlons, and hope to do a full Ironman one day.