21 Replacements That Make Selling More Joyful

21 replacements that make selling more joyful.

Replace …

  1. Knowing something with doing something.
  2. Blaming others with blaming yourself.
  3. Failing with an opportunity to get better.
  4. TV/video games with reading.
  5. Explaining with understanding.
  6. Negativity with positivity.
  7. People who don’t bring you joy with people who do.
  8. Consuming with creating.
  9. Hustling with being still, exercising & reflecting.
  10. Selling with helping people make a decision even if that doesn’t involve you.
  11. Holding grudges with forgiving.
  12. Hate with love.
  13. Thinking the worst of people to always giving people the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Pitching with poking. (Shining a light on a problem your prospect might not be aware of.)
  15. Attaching with detaching. If prospects keep canceling meetings, disrespect you or don’t respond to your emails, stop talking with them. Move on.
  16. Controlling everything with focusing only on what you can control. Focsing on things you don’t control is a recipe for being angry all the time.
  17. Assuming with curiosity.
  18. Urgency with patience. Plant seeds, water them, and provide sunlight. You can’t make flowers grow faster because it’s the end of the quarter.
  19. Unbridled enthusiasm with humility.
  20. A conversation with conversations.
  21. Being self-critical with having compassion. You’re in beta. So am I. So is everyone.