6 Ways to Stay Top of Mind

6 ways to stay top of mind so that when prospects are ready to buy, they think of you.

  1. Create a list of 7 questions your prospects ask or should be asking. Use your phone or Vidyard to record yourself answering each question. Send one Q&A video per month.
  2. Send a useful slideshow. E.g., “Lisa – Here’s a link to a fun slideshow called, “What Zelda can Teach You About Writing Effective Cold Emails.”
  3. Send a useful tool. E.g., “Lisa, saw you’re scaling your team. Here’s a link to an SDR calculator that helps you determine the right quota to set for each SDR based on your desired return.”
  4. Send useful posts or articles. Use Feedly to collect content. E.g., “Hey Josh, I thought you’d find this post on heat training engaging. In particular, point two.”
  5. Send a link to a prerecorded webinar. E.g. “Lisa, We analyzed 94,39 cold calls that booked meetings. And did a workshop on what each of those calls has in common. You can watch it here.”
  6. Send a useful infographic. E.g., “James, here’s an Infographic on how to be a better listener.”

Give without expecting anything in return.

You’re in my Top of Mind sequence right now.

One day might buy one of my products.

Teaching forges a strong connection between two people.

No advertising required.

Good old-fashioned giving the win.