9 Signs You Have an Anxious Attachment Selling Style

Nine signs you have an anxious attachment selling style.

  1. You don’t take no for an answer.
  2. You follow up seven times in ten days.
  3. You feel rejected when prospects say “no.”
  4. The more time you have invested with a prospect, the harder it is to let go.
  5. You think it’s your job to talk everyone into buying.
  6. You think every initial conversation will lead to a sale.
  7. You ignore red flags – prospects stop responding to your emails, cancel meetings last minute, or disrespect you because you think it “might close.”
  8. You check your email for responses from prospects every 5 minutes.
  9. You’re always available whenever prospects want to talk with you.

If you struggle with an anxious attachment selling style, I have some good news.

You can change with a slight 2mm mindset shift.

Let go of assuming everyone is a buyer.

Be indifferent to the outcome.

Instead, be curious about your prospect’s current situation without having agenda.

Ironically when you detach from the outcome, you create an environment where people feel comfortable telling you what they really think because they don’t feel sold or manipulated.

The result? No chasing. Fewer opportunities that actually close.

Prospect ghosted you? That’s okay.

Send a one-sentence email and move on (Chris Voss):

“John, have you deferred the cold call workshop?”

Don’t hear back?

That’s a gift. Move on.

Now you have more time to talk with people who are motivated to speak with you.

It takes two people to make a sale.

Sometimes you have to let go, not because you want to, but because they want to.

Selling is about having conversations, not a conversation.