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Struggling to Start Conversations with Prospects?

Is explaining what you do complicated?
Cold emails getting little to no replies?
Not sure how to respond to objections?
Feel off balance when having sales conversations?
Wasting time with prospects that go nowhere?
Cold calling simply not working?
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I Don’t Kiss and Tell But My Clients Do

Matt Millen

I really appreciated how Josh engaged with the team. He felt like a team member rather than someone we brought in. SDRs valued the coaching and the better outcomes they were able to achieve. When the team is happy, I’m happy.

Matt Millen
Chief Revenue Officer at FLEXE

Chris Murray

We’ve got about 40 new meetings out of the training you provided.

Chris Murray
CEO at Oomph Inc.

Claire Coder

Josh has helped my company grow from 10 enterprise customers to over 200 with brand names like Twitter, Viacom, and Brown University

Claire Coder
CEO at Aunt Flow

Getting Little to No Responses?

Are you losing sales because your prospects aren't responding to your outreach?

I help you take the guesswork out of writing cold email sequences so you get more positive replies and have more conversations with people you want to get in front of.  With the Sales DNA Framework, you'll learn how to create high converting cold email sequences that will invite people to care and be motivated to learn more.

When it comes to cold outreach, most businesses are so close to their product or service that they use inside language and say things people don't understand.  We help you understand what prospects need or want so you can coach your team how to craft outreach in such a way that people respond.

I know how hard it is to create outreach that stands out and have helped many businesses attract a consistent flow of clients.

A decade or so ago, I headed up sales for a SaaS company in Chicago. With no referrals. No network. No funding. And no sales experience.

Needless to say, I had a very steep learning curve in getting my first clients.

I tried just about every outbound strategy under the sun.

Only to realize that most of the information out there was actually terrible or didn't feel good on my soul.

After A LOT of experimenting, I eventually found the things that worked. (Most of which were counter to the advice experts were giving.)

Now I teach my system to salespeople so they can generate a steady flow of meetings with their ideal clients.

You'll learn how to outbound campaigns that will help you start more conversations with your prospects. 

You will: 1.  Learn a proven outreach formula that's based on why people buy.  2.  You will completely understand how to find out what your prospects do, need, and want, and map what you're selling into messages that are meaningfully relevant for that person. 3. Craft messages that use a conversational tone, imagery, and humor to break through the noise. 4.  See examples of how this formula has been used by other companies to attract business and 5. Apply the framework to your outreach including cold email, cold call, websites, direct mail, and even your elevator pitch.  SalesDNA will help you create compelling outreach that stands out, separates yourself from the competition and ultimately grows your business.

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