A Killer Question to Ask an Inbound Lead

Here’s a killer first question to ask an inbound lead.


Have you ever been out with someone who couldn’t stop talking about themselves?

The places they’ve been.
The people they know.
The homes they own.

It’s exhausting.

Yet often, initial conversations with salespeople feel the same way.

The clients they work with.
The awards they’ve won.
The secret sauce they have.

That’s exhausting too.

Prospects don’t care about what you do.
They care about what they can do.

If you’re explaining you’re losing.


People are motivated to buy for their reasons, not yours.

The way out?

Ask a question to understand your prospect’s reasons for potentially buying.

Like this:

“Before I get started talking about CaptivateIQ, you’ve probably done some research on us. What do you think automating commission payouts would enable you to do better?”

Then listen.

People will tell your their own reasons for wanting to automate commission payouts.

People don’t buy because they understand you. They buy because you understand them.