A Sales Superpower

Can I ask you an ususual question?

See what I did?

I created a gap between what you know and what you want to know.

It’s called an open loop.

Brains crave closure. It’s like a mental itch you have to scratch.

Open loops create curiosity.

Why am I talking about this?

Piquing curiosity is one of the best ways to lower the Zone of Resistance.

By way of example, here’s how to pique curiosity in a voicemail.

“Hey Kim, I’m Charlotte Johnson with Salesloft. I’m reading your job ad for remote BDRs and have a question. I’ll be around until 5. My number is 555-686-9689.”

Example cold call opener:

“Hi James. My name is Charlotte. I know I’m probably catching you mid coffee sip but I was hoping I could ask you a quick question.”

These openers are for Charlotte but you can easily apply them to your audience.

The rule?

Don’t tell people the entire story.

Create a cliffhanger.

Knowing how to create curiosity is a good skill to master.