Are You Too Clingy?

Do you hang onto prospects that aren’t into you?

A prospect isn’t into you if they:

  1. Don’t return your calls.
  2. Stop responding to your emails.
  3. Cancel meetings.
  4. Disrespect you.

Why do you hang on?

This is going to be a tough pill so buckle up.

You hang on for one of two reasons:

1. You believe that having more prospects in your pipeline is better than having fewer. (Ironically, the opposite is true.)


2. You’re attaching your self-worth to the outcome, so the thought of letting go is too painful. (New flash – Who you are as a person has absolutely nothing to do with a sale or a meeting)

You know what I’m going to say next.

It takes two people to make a sale.

Move on.

Here’s how.

When a prospect cancels a meeting twice:

“Hey John – It seems like you’re crazy busy and don’t have time to focus on this now, which is not a problem at all. Would it make sense to chat in Q3?”

Prospect stopped responding after a demo:

“Hey John – It looks like you decided to pass ACME which is not a problem at all. I know this is going to be a huge ask, so buckle up. Would you be open to providing some feedback so I can better serve you should a need arise in the future? Timing off? Competing priorities? Hate salespeople with receding hairlines? Either way, thanks for giving ACME a look.”

When a prospect ghosts you:

“John – Have you deferred the cold call workshop?” (Chris Voss).”

No response?

That’s great!

You now have time to focus on starting more conversations.

Letting go is a good skill to master.

You don’t create motivation; you align with it.