Be Cheeky

“Being cheeky isn’t appropriate because I sell to the C-suite.”‬

“Humor isn’t appropriate for medical professionals.”

My take?

‪The C-Suite and medical professionals are people.‬

‪People don’t lose their sense of humor when they go to work.‬

‪The C-suite and medical professionals probably watch comedies on Netflix.‬

‪What’s appropriate humor for a cold email?‬

Cheeky or self-deprecating humor.

Here are a few cold email follow-up examples:

“John, you don’t have to wait three days to reply.”

“How have you gone so long without responding to me? I’m a delight.”

Here’s a funny cold email sign-off line Jon Buchan uses.‬

‪“Awaiting your fair but stern reply.”‬

“Awaiting your profanity-filled response.”

‪When you make a prospect smile, their brain subconsciously says, “Hey, that made me feel good; I’m going to respond.”‬

‪When you send vanilla, emotionally devoid emails, you’re just another vanilla scoop in a sea of vanilla.‬

Vanilla scoops get ignored because brains ignore patterns.

‪Be the mint scoop. ‬

‪Personality matters.‬

Show some style.

‪Be you. ‬