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cold callFrom Joshbraun

A Senior Executive at a Fortune 500 Company Shares How to Win Business Using Cold Email

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

There’s no shortage of sales advice for how to get the attention of crazy busy executives using cold email.  But this interview is different because the advice is from a former senior executive at Verizon who was on the receiving end of those cold emails.

Beth Renninger shares plenty of actionable tips in this interview including:

  • How your companies reputation can work against you (and how you can overcome it)
  • How to follow up without being annoying
  • How a salesperson used cold email to win Verizon’s business
  • One common cold email tactic that gets “double deleted”
  • How to stand out in a “sea of blah”
  • The one thing you must include in your cold email that increases your chances of breaking through
  • The number of emails you should send
  • How to leverage “gatekeepers” as a resource to get meetings
  • One thing to never do when you pitch
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