Buzzwords to Stop Saying (And What to Say Instead)

Buzzword > Plain English

  1. Let’s circle back > Would it make sense to talk further on March 6th?
  2. Move the needle > Have you considered using chat on your website to increase sales?
  3. Cutting edge technology > Run and pay commission statements for 100+ reps in a few hours instead of a few days.
  4. Word class > Our product isn’t’ right for everyone. Based on what you told me, here are the benefits, and here are the drawbacks.
  5. Let me get my ducks in a row > I’m not prepared. Can we please reschedule the meeting for next Wednesday?
  6. 360-degree view > See all your customers in one place.
  7. I don’t have the bandwidth > I don’t have time.
  8. Low hanging fruit > Let’s start with things that are easy to do.
  9. Synergy > Work together.
  10. Linda’s core competency in negotiating > Linda is great at negotiating.
  11. Open the kimono (creepy) > Let’s be transparent with our customers.
  12. Do a deep dive > Lisa, what are the pros and cons of switching to new accounting software?
  13. Put a pin in it > Great thought Sue. Let’s talk about it after the meeting.
  14. Beth is a rockstar > Beth’s a great writer.