What Do Your Customers Want to Become?

Watch this: Yes, they are selling a knife. But what they’re really selling is an identity. If you’re a Gerber knife person, you’re somebody who loves adventure. Who gets into trouble. Who makes things happen. Who’s strong. They are selling you on this idea that you can be be this kind of person. What do […]

What I Learned About Increasing Cold Email Response Rates From Basecamp

You need to send at least 8 cold emails to get a meeting right? Well, sorta. The typical cold email looks like this: Hey [first name], I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because [explain how we got their contact information and how we relate to them: talked to a […]

To Be A Better Closer Be A Better Opener

This question recently landed in my inbox: Hey Josh, I wanted to get your perspective on a conversation I had with my CEO. Prior to doing a demo my CEO presents slides about how our solution ”saves more time, gains better insights and reduces errors”. It’s good but one slide differs between his and mine. […]

The World Doesn’t Owe You iTunes

A few weeks ago I overhead a customer losing her sh*t at the Genius Bar because she couldn’t sync her iPhone to iTunes. The customer service representative probed politely to understand her issue before offering up a solution. The solution required a factory reset which spun the customer into a tizzy because she’d have to […]

Humanizing Cold Outreach With Sara Colombo

I recently spoke with Sara Colombo the Director of Business Development for Jellyvision, about her outreach approach. (A whopping 90% of Jellyvision’s meetings are set using outbound tactics.) Sara shares plenty of actionable tactics in this interview including: How to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. Getting into the right state of mind. The […]

Don’t Take the Shot, Coach the Player

If you’re a sales leader you’ve been there. A salesperson approaches you and says: “Bob, we need to chat.  Remember that deal with ACME that I said was going to close this quarter?  Well now the customer is asking for an additional 10% off.  What should I do?” Your gut instinct might be to take […]

Here’s a cold call I received and a suggestion on how to improve it

I was in the market for a tool that would help increase call volume and turn more conversations with prospects into meetings. A quick Google search led me to a vendor who had lots of content aimed at making me smarter about my problem and the options for solving it. So I submitted my contact details in exchange for […]