Great Example of Challenging Conventions

Porter Stansberry, the CEO of OneBlade, is on a mission to forever change the way you shave.  No more nicks.  No cuts.  No razor burn.  No in-grown hairs.  Stansberry knows that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it (Simon Sinek).

Most of us start with the what.  But it’s the why that pulls people to you.  The goal isn’t to sell people what you have, it’s to sell people that believe what you believe.  Purpose inspires.  Purpose makes you more confident.  Purpose helps you “filter out” people that aren’t a fit.

Sales conversations get easier and more profitable when you find people that believe what you believe.

What’s the purpose of your company?  What’s your purpose?  How would you complete this sentence: “We’re on a mission to . . . ”