Chris Canales on Being a Top Performing Salesperson

When I was first starting out in sales, I had the good fortune of working with Harry Gottlieb who is a very successful guy.  Harry is the creator of You Don’t Know Jack, a quiz based party game that generated 100m in sales.   The more time I spent with Harry, the better I became at sales.

And that’s how you get better at anything right?  Want to be a millionaire, spend time with millionaires.  Want to level up your sales skills, spend time with top performing salespeople. Which is why I enjoyed grooving with Chris Canalas.

Chris has been a top performing rep for 15 years. He’s currently at ADP, but prior to that he sold water and alarm system door to door.

One thing I noticed instantly about Chris was his positive mindset.

Chris and I discuss how to avoid the trap of being complacent when you’ve reached the top.  How monotony can pay huge dividends.   The importance of confidence.  Why a deep belief in what you’re selling matters.  How to use humor to defuse sales pressure.    

And why sincerity is the most important trait a salesperson can have.