The White Lotus

I’m watching a new series called The White Lotus.

The White Lotus does an amazing job of creating cliffhangers that leave you wanting more.

I have to know what happens next.

It’s called an open loop. Brains crave closure.

Binge-worthy shows got me thinking about sales messages.

How can we create an open loop in each “episode” or touch, so prospects are curious to want to learn more?

Example for my business:

“Hey John – I have an unconventional prospecting method that might help your reps book meetings with Chief Data Officers in Fintech companies with <3k employees. Worth an email exchange?”

Why this works:

1. It’s crispy or specific around John’s ICP.

2. The word “unconventional” creates an open loop.

3. “Worth an email exchange?” is a low friction ask. Not asking for time.

Don’t tell prospects that whole story. Leave them hanging.

Create cliffhangers.