Cold Email CTAs

Don’t do that, do this instead.

Part 1: Cold email CTAs.


Ask for time.

❌ Are you available for a brief call at {time options}?

❌ I’m available tomorrow {insert two times you’re available}. Can we sync up?

❌ What’s the best day/time this week or next for a quick 15-minute conversation?


Poke the bear. (Ask a question that gets prospects to think differently about their current solution.)

✅ Have you considered using learning aids to enhance retention? (Example for a graphic artist selling to a sales trainer.)

✅ Have you considered testing chat to answer customers’ questions before they become hesitant? (Example for chat software.)

✅How are you attracting top SDRs that don’t respond to traditional job postings? (Example for a recruiter.)

✅Are you doing everything possible to reduce file size without affecting quality? (Example for image optimization software for e-commerce.)