Cold Email Video Memes

How do you get your emails to stand out in a sea of sameness?


Jacky Dorma, a mall kiosk associate at Hairclub, stopped me in my tracks with a killer opening line.

Here’s the line:

“What’s under the baseball cap?”

I smiled.
And smiling matters. Smiling is visceral.
If you can make prospects feel something – humor, angst, desire – in the first 3 seconds of a cold email, you’re golden.
Humor is one of the best ways to lower the Zone of Resistance.

When you make people feel good, they associate that feeling with you.

So how do you make prospects smile when they read your cold email?

Create a video meme that communicates what life is like before and after using your product.

Selling is about the before and after—the contrast. There’s a reason why fitness and skin brands use before and after pictures. They work.

Example for Phone Ready Leads:
Hey John – How are you enabling your SDRs to get into more live conversations when they cold call Directors of Benefits?