How a small digital agency can cold call a Fortune 500 company and get a meeting

Here’s what doesn’t work:

Step 1: Get a big list of people to call

Step 2: Say something like this:

We’re a digital agency and we want to talk to you about social media.

Or . . .

We’d like to talk to you about or SEO services.

Here’s what does work:

Step 1: Pick 40 companies that (1) you can help make more awesome and (2) you’d like to work with

Step 2: Generate a lead list using or  Have a VA find the phone numbers.

Step 3: Make 10 dials a day for 15 days in row (no skipping)

Step 4: Educate your potential customer on something they don’t know about yet.

Here’s a script I used that landed a meeting with a big telecom company and a 6 figure sale.

Me: Hi Lisa, I was hoping you could help me out for a moment.

Lisa: Sure.

Version 1

Me: You don’t know me, but the reason I’m calling is that we recently did some research on how and why people make buying decision when it comes to purchasing phone, TV and internet services online.  Feel free to say no Lisa, but would you be open to seeing the results we’ve found?

Version 2:

Me. You don’t know me.  I’m Josh with ACME.  I’m calling because we recently spent some time analyzing ABC’s purchase funnel and have a 2 ideas that might help you folks increase conversion rates while improving the user experience.  Feel free to say no Lisa, but is increasing conversion rates something that’s top of  mind?