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How to Get Your Heart Rate Below 75 bpm When Cold Calling

By November 15, 2016 No Comments

Few things get the heart racing more than cold calling.  Here are 6 ideas you can try to slow your heart rate below 75 bpm when dialing.

Idea #1: Detach From “Getting”

If you have a getting mentally such as “I need this call to result in a meeting” you’re going to have a soul crushing experience cold calling.  Why?  Because your prospects will “smell” your intent and will usually think of reason to hang up.

Instead shift your focus from getting to giving.  A getting mentality is focused on setting an appointment.  A giving mentality is focused on helping someone do something better (even if that doesn’t involve your product or service). Think –  “Sure, I’d like to set a meeting, but right now my goal is to see if John would be open to an idea that may might help him convert more demos into customers.

Idea #2: Your Offering Might Not Be A Fit 

OK so you’re calling with an idea to help your prospect do something better.  But that doesn’t mean your idea is a priority for your prospect.  The timing might be off.  Or perhaps your contact doesn’t own the results your offering helps them achieve.  “No” is a perfectly reasonable outcome.  Don’t assume what you have is a fit for everyone you call.  Think “I might be able to help John do something better, but I’m not sure what’s on his plate or if he’s the right person.  If not, no worries, I have 28 more people on my list to call today.

Idea #3: Create a List Prior to Making Calls

Prior to making calls prepare a list  of 30-40 people you’d like to call (name, email, phone).  Your list can be compiled in a spreadsheet or can even be handwritten.  You can also create a list in your CRM.  But if you’re using a CRM make sure your list is accessible via one screen. You don’t want to search your CRM every time you want to make a call.  Why?

Because having a one page list gets you in the zone, helps you focus and makes you more productive.  In addition, you can see your progress which motivates you to finish your calls for the day.

If you’re a sales leader ask your reps to show you tomorrow’s call list at the end of the day.  If they can’t show you a scrollable list of 30-40 people, it’s a red flag.  They should be able to show you something like this:

listIdea #4: Focus Your Time

Schedule a 1.5 hour “call block” in the morning and another in the afternoon.  This will help you eliminate distractions and get you in the flow.  Take a 10 minute break every 30 minutes to prevent burn out.

Idea #5: Engage in positive self talk

  1. Instead of thinking “I suck at cold calling” think “I’m still learning how to cold call and this call helped me get a little better.”
  2. Instead of thinking “This prospect was a jerk” think “Maybe they are having a bad day. “
  3. Instead of thinking “Nobody is interested” think “What can I say to be more interesting?”

Idea #6: Use A Script That Helps Your Prospect Achieve a Desired Outcome 

Here’s a script I’ve used that’s focused on ONE thing I can do to help my potential customer do something better. (In this case convert more demos into revenue.)

Step 1: Open

Me: “Hi John, I’m Josh and I was hoping you could help me out for a moment.” (Hat tip to Ari Galper for this phraseology.)

Prospect: Um, sure.

Step 2: Benefit Driven One Sentence Pitch

Me: “Thank you John.  The purpose of my call is to see if you’d be open to an unusual but effective idea that may help you folks turn more ACME (name of SaaS product) demos into sales.  John, feel free to say no but is that something that you’re interested in? ”

Step 3: If the prospect says “No”, diffuse with self deprecating humor

Me: “That’s not a problem John.  But allow me to ask, is it that you’re not interested or is the timing just off?  Or maybe you just don’t like people with receding hairlines.  That’s it isn’t it John?”

If still negative thank the prospect and move on.

Step 4: If positive ask for a meeting

Me: Glad to hear it.  Hey John, I know I’m calling out of the blue, so would it make sense to carve out some time to chat over the next couple of weeks so you can decide if we might be a fit?”

Start with one idea and put it into action for a few weeks.  Let me know how it feels.

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