Crispy Cold Emails

Here are some of the things your cold email is competing against for attention.

PowerPoint presentations.


304 emails a week.



Face-to-face meetings.





Constant notifications.

Angry Birds.

Checking phones 150 times per day.

It’s like your prospects are trying to take a drink from a firehouse.

How can you stack the odds in your favor for your email breaking through?

Be crispy.

Crispy means:

1. You shine a light on a big expensive problem your prospect doesn’t know they have.

2. You have deep or specific expertise about the problem.

3. You can communicate what’s meaningfully different.

4. You’re clear.

5. You show the contrast between before and after.

6. Five lines or less.

Example for Gravy Solutions

Subject: Digital Academy Course?

“Lisa, are you open to a new perspective for recovering failed payments without taxing your team? Amy Porterfield is recovering 87% of failed payments. $14,979 failed, recovered $12,986, compared to $3,743 before. Pay for performance – no bots. Worth a brief email exchange? Thanks. James.”

Be crispy.