Dealing With Rude or Angry People

How do you respond to people who are rude or angry?


I’m sending all my 1st-degree connections the same email asking if they’d like to subscribe to my newsletter.

Here’s my email:

“Hi {first name],

You might know me from LinkedIn. Hi, I’m Josh Braun. I have this short, punchy newsletter that’ll teach you how to turn skeptical prospects into sales without selling your soul.

You can subscribe here.


PS I debated whether it was ethical to email you. After all, just because we’re connected on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you invited me to your inbox. I went back and forth for weeks. I finally asked Amber, my yoga teacher. She said it would be okay. Namaste.”

Today I received this response from Eric:

“I find it odd that you debated for weeks about emailing me. I find it more odd that your yoga teacher was the one to convince you to email me this finally. That doesn’t seem like a good way to run a business.”

There’s a good lesson here.

There will always be pigeons who poop on you, strut around like they own the joint, and then fly away without suggesting what to do differently.

That’s okay.

Pigeons aren’t your people.

You don’t have to respond to pigeons.

You don’t have to judge pigeons.

You can simply observe pigeons and move on.

Your people are going to tell you how much you’ve helped them.

Your people tell you they loved your email.

Your people follow you.

Your people hit “like.”

Your people reshare.

The joy of being a salesperson (and a person) happens when you realize that you’re not for everyone.

Keep getting inspired.

Keep being you.

Keep creating.

Keep going.