Defusing “I’m not interested.”

“I’m not interested.”

What do you say?

This is going to be a tough pill so buckle up.

If you’re hearing I’m not interested far too many times it’s because you’re not interesting.

Here are 6 reasons you’re not interesting:

1. People are making progress without you. What they have is good enough. There are tons of TVs that have better resolution than my TV. But my TV is good enough because I have limited resources. So do you. So does everyone.

3. The person you’re talking to isn’t responsible for the job you help people get done.

4. Your message is confusing.

5. Your message is vague “Save time”, “save money”, “streamline”, “optimize.”

6: Your delivery is too hype-y or you don’t sound calm and confident. Br a TED speaker not a CrossFit instructor.

7. You’re talking for more than 15 seconds without passing the potato back (asking a question ). When you ask a question, brains have to pay attention because they have to hold up their end of the bargain. When you talk at people they zone out. Dialogues not monologues. Pretend your at a red light when you talk for 15 seconds.

What do prospects find interesting?

1. People who shine a light on a current or future disaster.

2 A question that makes them think differently about how they’re currently getting the job done. (Poking the bear.)

What do you know that your prospect might not know that can make them “bleed”?

What does it cost your prospect to do nothing?

By way of example, here’s what that might sound like for Truebill on a cold call:

“We’re seeing that many chord cutters are paying $350-$525/year for subscriptions they forgot about. $1.99 here. $2.99 there.

Poke the Bear (Menu)
“Just out of curiosity, how are you ensuring you’re not paying for subscriptions you forgot about? Are you using a spreadsheet to keep track? Not really thinking about it? Or can you see all your subscriptions in one place and cancel with a click?”

A menu of options demonstrates (1) you’re credible because you know how they’re getting the job done today (2) makes it easier for prospects to answer (3) teases what’s possible (the last menu item.)

If you still hear, “I’m not interested”, peel the onion.

Detach from the outcome.

Ask a question that allows you to discover the truth without having the intent to talk people into anything.

Like this:

“I‘m not interested.”

“That’s ok.”

Discover (Menu)
“Before we get off the phone, if you don’t mind me asking, is it because you’re happy with what you have? You don’t have a lot of subscriptions? Or do you don’t handle this sorta thing?”

Again, the menu makes it easier for prospects to answer while creating an environment that allows you get to more truth.

Do prospects get you tongue-tied when they raise objections?

Objection flashcards in the comments.

You get better between cold calls not on cold calls. It’s what Lebron James does between games that makes him a champion.

Don’t practice on your prospects.