Disrupting the Status Quo

Ali Luck’s first sales job was selling a cleaning service.

Ali’s prospects were getting the job done without her.

They were making progress.

To get her prospect’s attention and keep it, Ali had to illuminate a problem her prospects didn’t know they had.

The problem?

Facilities managers were overpaying every year for office cleaning.

The cause?

Traditional cleaners price by the total square footage of the space. Howeve surface area under the furtniture doesn’t get cleaned.

Armed with a point of view, Ali was able to motivate lots of facilities mangers to “fire” their existing cleaning service and “hire” hers.

If I was an SDR for Ali’s cleaning company this is what my cold call would sound like:

“Hi Lisa. Josh Braun. We’ve never spoken but I was hoping I could ask you a quick question. Would that be okay?”

“Not sure if you’re bumping into this, but we’re seeing that many facilities managers are overpaying 6-8% every year for office cleaning every month because they’re being charged for surfaces that don’t get cleaned.

Poke the Bear
“So I was curious, how are ensuring you’re not overpaying MoM? Are you paying for the total square footage or only for cleanable areas?”

Conversation started.

Ditch the pitch.

Poke the bear.