Do You Burn the Popcorn?

You’re 4 minutes into a cold call.

You want to ask for the meeting; however, you keep asking questions. And then the conversation fizzles out.

I call this burning the popcorn.

You’re not sure how to elegantly ask for a meeting without the awkward ask.

I got you.

Let’s talk about phraseology that opens doors and slams doors.

Door slammers put prospects in The Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

The ZOR is a reflex reaction to sales pressure.

Door openers lower the Zone of Resistance.

Avoid door slammers.

Use door openers.

Today’s door slammer is, “I’d love to…”

Example: “I’d love to schedule a 30-minute call on Thursday. Does 2 pm work?”

Of course you’d “love to,” you have commission breath.

Saying “I’d love to” subconsciously tells prospects that you’re taking their freedom to choose away.

People don’t like it when their freedom to choose is infringed upon. It’s called reactance.

People want to feel they’re in control.

Replace this door slammer with a door openers:

“Would it make sense to…”

“Would you be open to …”

“Would you be opposed to…”

Example for a CPA firm specializing in employee retention credits:

“Would you be open to investing 15 minutes over the next week or two to review your options related to obtaining employee retention credits?”

Example for Gong:
“Would it make sense to set up a call later this week so you can review what your options are for minimizing at-risk deals?”

Example for my business:
“Would you be opposed to investing 15 minutes over the next week or two to explore how this might help your reps be more effective on the phone?”

This phraseology leaves control in the hands of the prospect, which lowers resistance.

“Minimizing at-risk deals” acknowledges what your prospect stands to lose. People tend to avoid loss over acquiring equivalent gains. It’s called loss aversion.

“Review what your options are,” subconsciously says, “there’s no pressure to buy.”

Try these door opener out, and let me know how it goes.

Knowing how to lower The Zone of Resistance is good skill to master.