Do You Create Objections?

Do you create objections?


I have an accountant.

My accountant is getting the job done.

So if you were an accounting firm and you cold called me and said:

“Hi, this is Pete. We’re working with other entrepreneurs to help them save money on taxes. Is that something you’d be open to hearing about?”

I’d say:
“I already have an accountant,” or “I’m not interested.“

That’s because “save money” is overused.

“Save money” automatically puts me in the Zone of Resistance because that’s what salespeople always say. So my reflex reaction is to say, “I already have an accountant.”

So let’s try another approach.

To stand out, you need to ask a question that illuminates a big expensive problem your prospect might not know about.

In other words, you need to poke the bear.

Here’s what that might sound like on a cold call:

“I have no idea about your situation, but we’re seeing that many solopreneurs in Florida are overpaying $6k-$11k in taxes every year due to deductions most accountants miss, so I was hoping I could ask a couple of questions to see if this might be relevant. Would that be okay?”

That would make my ears perk up because the last thing I want is to lose $6k-$11k every year.

The psychology?

People tend to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. It’s called loss aversion.

What does it cost your prospect to do nothing?

Ditch the pitch.

Poke the bear.