Do You Focus on Things You Don’t Control?

“Josh, I’ve sent a prospect lots of emails for a month. She opens 90% of them and even clicks on them. But for some reason, she doesn’t want to reply, even though on each contact, I specifically write the email personalized. Sadly I don’t have her phone number. How do I get her to respond?”

Stop focusing on things you don’t control.

You don’t control the weather.

You don’t control airline delays.

You don’t control your quota.

You don’t control who opens your email or if they click.

You don’t control when or if people respond to your message.

Focusing on things you don’t control is a recipe for being anxious and stressed out all the time.

All the time you spend focusing on someone who doesn’t respond, you could instead spend:

Reaching out to more people.

Figuring out how to write better emails.

Learning about your prospect’s problems,

Reading a book on copywriting.

The joy of selling happens when you let of things you don’t control.