Do Your Cold Calls Feel Like An Interrogation?

One of the things I would do on cold calls was to ask lots of questions because I was nervous.

“How have you been?”
“Are you responsible for X?”
“How many reps do you have?”

The problem?

Too many questions can make a conversation feel like an interrogation.

So now, I still ask questions, but I also throw in a label (Chris Voss).

Instead of saying, “Do you handle user research?” You could say, “I was on your LinkedIn. Seems like you head up user research.”

Instead of saying, “Is that a demanding role?” You could say, “Sounds like a demanding role that requires collaboration with several departments.”

Labels motivate people to respond without it feeling like an interrogation.

Labels build credibility because they tip prospects off that you’re an insider.

What do you think about adding labels to your toolbox?