Do Your Cold Emails Make People Feel Good?

Do your cold emails make people feel good about themselves?

Most emails I get are listless and emotionally devoid. They don’t make me feel anything. They feel like they were written by a sales robot.

That’s a shame because when you make people feel good they’re more likely to respond. It’s humane to make others feel better too.

The key to making this happen is to read your email before you send it and ask yourself, “Will this email make the prospect feel good, bad, or nothing at all?”

Here are guiding principles to make people good.

1. Catch them doing something right.

2. Give people an easy out.

3. Label the awkwardness.

4. Be subtle. Ask a neutral question that makes people think differently about their current solution. (Illumination question).

5. Be vulnerable.

6. Stop talking people into things.

7. Praise but with moderation.

8. Give without expecting anything in return.

When you make people feel good about themselves, you lower the Zone of Resistance.

The email below made me feel good.

How do your emails make people feel?