Don’t Give A Demo Before Doing This

Pop Quiz.

How would you respond?

Prospect says, “I’d like to hear about your workshops.”

Most salespeople would rattle off information about their “workshops.”

“We have three workshops—A, B, and C.”

The problem?

Your “workshop” has no value without a problem.

Your “workshop’s” benefits only matter if they matter to your prospect.

Context matters.

The way out?

Switch from assuming to understanding.

Here’s what understanding sounds like:

Prospect: “I’d like to hear about your workshops.”



“Sounds like you’re bumping into an obstacle we can potentially help with.”

“Seems like you have a reason for asking about our workshops.”

You’re taking an educated guess as to why the prospect is inquiring about your solution.

Chris Voss calls this labeling. Labeling is a magical technique for understanding people.

What you typically hear after labeling is the reason why prospects are asking about your workshop.

Now you can answer the question in a way that’s relevant to the prospect. You might only talk about one workshop. Or none.

Knowing what to say to understand people is a superpower for being a better salesperson and a better person too.

Rewire your brain to understand.