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You Don’t Sell a Product

By January 23, 2018 One Comment

You don’t sell a product.

You don’t sell a service.

You’re not selling a solution.

Or an app.

Or a SaaS subscription.

Here’s the only thing you’re selling regardless of what you sell:

You’re selling the ability for your prospects to do something better.

Here are examples of better:

iPhone flash: Take the best pictures of your kids at night.

Hair plugs: Feel more secure when dating. No need to wear your hat 24/7.

Yeti Mug: A cold drink after a 2 hour bike ride.

What do you sell?

How do you help your prospects do something better?

Examples of Better

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One Comment

  • Barry Gilbert says:

    I’ve got a question. I’m an account manager for a SaaS product. I upsell existing customers, so my approach is different then a pure outreach.

    What content on your site could you direct me to (or maybe its in your course), that addresses this type of outreach. Its Covid-time, so most of my outreach is email. I’m taking more of a “you’re paying this approach, but by switching to this pricing or features will improve”. I’m shocked that most outreach goes unanswered. I mean, you’re already a customer. I’m just trying to present different options. I’m looking for a new strategy….

    Thanks for any points in the right direction.

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