Door Openers & Door Slammers

Have you ever been hesitant to say something on a cold call because you were nervous the prospect would end the call?

I got you.

After making and listening to thousands of cold calls, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes prospects defensive.

So let’s talk about phraseology that opens and slams doors.

Door slammers make prospects defensive and pull away.

Door openers lower defenses and motivate prospects to want to continue the conversation.

Avoid door slammers.

Use door openers.

Today’s door slammer is, “I’d love to…”

Example: “I’d love to schedule a 30-minute call on Thursday. Does 2 pm work?”

Of course, you’d “love to,” you have commission breath.

Saying “I’d love to” subconsciously tells prospects that you’re putting your best interest first.

Replace this door slammer with a door opener:

“Would it make sense to…”

Example: “Would it make sense to review what your options are for reducing the risk of losing deals should a need arise in the future?”

This phraseology leaves control in the hands of the prospect (“Would it make sense..”)

“Losing at-risk deals” acknowledges your prospect’s biggest fear.

The phrase “should a need arise in the future” reduces the pressure associated with buying now.

“Review what your options are,” subconsciously says, “there are no assumptions here.”

Knowing what to say to open doors is an important skill to master.

Try this door opener out, and let me know how it goes.