A Sales Ninja

Yesterday I met a sales ninja.

My doorbell rings. I open the door.

(Honest mini invitation.)
Greg: “Hi, I’m Greg with Terminix. We’re servicing several homes in your neighborhood. Do you have a brief moment?”

Me: “Sure.”

(Understand how I’m getting the job done.)
Greg: “Thanks. How are you currently handling pest control? Do you have a service, or are you doing it yourself?”

Me: “We’re not doing anything.”

(No assumptions. See if there’s a problem.)
Greg: “Sounds like you never see any bugs.”

Me: “Occasionally, we see tiny ants in the kitchen, but it’s no big deal because my wife uses this liquid to get rid of them.

(Illuminate the cost of inaction.)
Greg: “Those sound like Ghost ants. They can be a serious nuisance because they’re known to nest inside the home. How often do they come back?

Me: “Every few months or so.”

(Proactively address objections.)
Greg: “What’s been your experience using a pest control service?”

Me: “We had one but stopped because we didn’t see any bugs and were paying $125 a month.”

(Makes me think I was overpaying.)
Greg: “Wow $125 a month.”

(Leaning forward)
Me: “What do you offer?”

(Clearly explains service and price after I ask.)
(Proactively addresses pet objection.)
(Illuminates a spider web problem I’m not aware of.)

Greg: “Since we service several homes in your neighborhood, you can get our pet-safe service which includes interior, exterior, and removal of these spider webs around your gutter, for $49/month.”

Me: “Let’s do it.”

No pressure.
No assuming.
No persuading.
No overcoming.

Like I said, a sales ninja.