How to introduce two people over email

Here’s a template you can steal that ensures both people see the value of an email introduction.
Email Intro: Elena & Nicole
Hey Nicole,

As mentioned during lunch yesterday, I really want you to meet Elena.

Elena is the CEO and Founder of Skill Scout.

Skill Scout helps companies attract and hire the right people by creating a 2-3 minute video that lets candidates experience the job rather than just read about it.



Nicole is responsible for attracting Acme’s top talent.

Specifically, she’s looking for creative ways to attract top IT talent.
Based on my current understanding, Acme isn’t perceived as a “tech” company like Google or Facebook.  So how can Skill Scout help Acme win the hearts and minds of IT candidates that are considering traditional “tech” companies?

I think the two of you might be able to partner up to do some innovative recruiting things together.

I’ll let you two take it from here.


Why this works

  1. Provides a mutually beneficial reason why it makes sense for the two people to meet.
  2. When you do something helpful without expecting anything in return, and you do it consistently, you’ll end up getting more in return than you’ve given.   Give to get.

Love is the Killer App takes the idea of giving to get even further.   Tim Sanders suggests that you can maximize your personal value by connecting the dots between who you know and how it can help other people be successful.

Pro tip: make sure that both parties are OK with being introduced prior to sending the email.