Empathetic Statements That Make Others Feel Heard

When someone tells you they lost their dog.

Don’t say this:

❌ “I lost my dog to cancer a few years it. It was hearbreaking.”

❌ “I know how you feel.”

❌ “At least he’s in a better place.”

Statements like these minimize the pain someone is currently going through.

When people don’t feel heard, they don’t feel good.

Say this:

✅ “That’s terrible.”

✅ “I’m sorry you have to go through this.”

✅ “What’s that been like for you?”

✅ “It sounds like you were really close with your dog.”

Everyone in pain has a hunger to be heard.

Knowing what to say to make people feel heard and understood is a superpower for getting through to anyone in your personal or business life.

Rewire your brain to listen.