Features vs. Benefits

Oh no, not another cold email about a flexible, beautiful, and scalable end-to-end solution.

Here’s the thing.

Prospects don’t care about what you do. They care about what they can do.

What can prospects do because they have your product that they couldn’t do before?

Here’s a phrase you can use to ensure your message focuses on what prospects can do.

The phrase is “So you …”

The words after “so you” are about what prospects can do better.


  1. This scissor has a rubber grip handle, so you don’t slip and ruin your project.
  2. These running socks have merino wool, so you don’t get blisters on long-distance runs.
  3. This mug has double-wall vacuum insulation so you can keep hot things hot and cold things cold.
  4. This bike travel case has wheels so you can effortlessly move through the airport.
  5. Invisalign is clear, so you don’t feel awkward getting the perfect smile.

Knowing the difference between features and benefits is a good skill to master.