Feeling Anxious Because You Missed Your KPIs?

Have you ever felt guilty, anxious or afraid because you missed your KPIs for the month?

Perhaps you didn’t hit your meeting or sales quota.

Or you fell short of your dial goal.

Maybe you didn’t send enough emails.

The problem?

You’re attaching your self-worth to outputs (dials) and outcomes (meetings/sales).

So when you don’t hit your KPIs, you feel guilty, anxious or afraid.

The negative thoughts put you in a downward spiral.

There’s a popular neuroscience phrase that describes this, “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

It’s a vicious cycle.

Same thoughts.

Same feelings.

Same results.

When you attach your self-worth to outcomes (meetings) and output (dials), you set yourself up for burnout.

The way out?

You don’t control your KPIs.

However, what if you changed what success means to you?

What if you shifted success from the number of dials you made (output) to the quality of the conversations you had?

What if you shifted success from the number of meetings you booked (outcome) to how good you felt while prospecting?

This 2mm shift would radically change how you feel every day. You’d feel positive and happy instead of negative and afraid.

Different thoughts.

Different feelings.

Different results.