Fish or Fishing?


Do you put your focus on catching fish?

“I want a meeting.”

“I want a sale.”


Do you put your focus on fishing?

“I’m going to know my cold call talk track.”

“I’m going to know what to say when prospects raise five common objections.”

“I’m going to write 35 thoughtful cold emails per day.”

“I’m going to ask five customers a day for a referral.”

Focusing on things you don’t control (catching fish) is a recipe for being anxious and stressed out all the time.

The joy of selling (and life) happens when you let go of things you don’t control.

Detach from the outcome.

Outcomes are byproducts of getting a little better at fishing every day and being patient.

When your mind thinks about the fish, bring it back to fishing.

Progress is the path to happiness.