7 Things I Learned in My 40s About Selling And Life That I Wish I Knew When I Was in My 20s

  1. You don’t have to react to your thoughts. You can pause and think about how you want to respond. Your thoughts don’t define you. How you react to your thoughts does.
  2. Chill. Most things in sales (and in life) aren’t in your control. You don’t control when or if people buy. The weather. Or airline maintenance delays. Focusing on things that you don’t control is a recipe for being anxious and stressed out all the time. The opposite is also true.
  3. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone is mad at you or disappointed, it’s okay. Seek to understand their perspective rather than being defensive. There are always multiple lenses to view things from. Knowing how to make people feel heard and understood is a superpower for strengthening business and personal relationships.
  4. Selling (and life) has high peaks and low valleys. Neither lasts forever. Enjoy the peaks. Don’t fight the lows; they’ll be gone soon.
  5. Happiness comes when you feel you’re making progress, not from a sale, a new car, or a President’s Club trip.
  6. Say what the f*ck sometimes. Growth happens on the other side of discomfort.
  7. Wear your retainer. Your parents paid a lot of money for your straight teeth. Invisalign will set you back 8k.