3 Kick-Ass Follow Up Email Templates That Replace “Just Checking In”

I recently had a conversation with Elena Valentine, the CEO of Skill Scout, about how to follow up with a potential customer that has gone cold without sounding “sales-y”.

Here’s the mindset: To keep the love alive and diffuse sales pressure, you need to show that you care in every interaction while sounding human.  

Here are three “caring and human sounding” follow-up templates that have worked for me, which I attempted to apply to Skill Scout:

#1 – Make your potential customer smarter

Hey Lisa,

I thought you’d find this article fascinating, given your interest in company culture. Brendan Bank of Booking.com discusses how to build a kick-ass company culture.

A few of the things Brendan covers are:

  • How culture is used to attract and relocate 79% of new hires
  • The most useful channels for recruiting and attracting
  • How to reduce recruitment agency spending

You can read the article here.


#2 – Re-emphasize the business value 

Happy Friday Lisa,

(Opener Option 1) It’s been a few weeks since our last conversation.  You must miss me terribly.  Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

(Opener Option 2) Great chat last week.  Loved hearing your thoughts on how you folks use humor to capture interest even when it comes to “boring topics” like health insurance.

During our previous conversation, you mentioned that finding that “special someone” to fill your Account Executive role, so that you folks could hit your Q1 revenue goal, was important to you.

Lisa, would it make sense to continue the conversation so we can mutual explore if we might be able to help?


#3 – Share an insight that will help your potential customer kick ass

Hi Lisa,

I was perusing your jobs page last week (yes, I peruse job pages for a living), and noticed that your Enterprise Account Executive position has been open for several months.

I was wondering if you’ve ever tried a technique called “ethnographic storytelling.”  It’s a really simple way to help you find just the right person quickly . It can also help you kick EVEN MORE ass by improving the candidate experience.

Here’s an example of how CNC used this technique.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, just give me a shout.


P.S.  Great job post, by the way. Love, love, love how ALL your job posts have such personality.  This sentence made me smile –  “yes, we just wanted to use the word panache in a job posting.