This Follow-Up Email Got A Response In 30 Seconds

Ever had a warm prospect go dark?  If so, here’s an email template with a 40% response rate that you can try, along with the “tear down in red” as to why it works (so you can make it your own).

The Breakup Email Template

Subject:  voicemail (This subject line is highly effective when combined with leaving a voicemail.  Before sending the email below, call.  If you get voicemail, leave a message that re-emphasized the business outcome.  For example, “Hi Matt, just seeing if you’re open to continuing the conversation about the idea that might help you folks increase the amount of people who purchase ABC online.  If so, perhaps we can carve out some time.  My number is 555.555.5555.

Hi Matt,

First of all, happy day-before-a-long-weekend! I hope the mood in your office is as jovial and doughnut-filled as it currently is over here (we’re positively giddy).  Uses a fun, casual low pressure tone to built rapport.  You can also look up the weather in your prospect’s area and reference it in the opening paragraph.  For example, “First of all, 76 and sunny in Phoenix today.  Really?  You have me beat , 65 and rainy in Chi-town.”

Second of all… how are you feeling about the idea aimed at helping you folks drive more sales of ABC?  Re-emphasizes the business outcome.  Focuses on them, not what you’re selling. 

To make this super simple, I’ve programmed this email with an easy-response technology – simply hit “reply,” and type the letter of the choice below that best fits the situation: Makes it easy and quick to respond.  

A. OMG, this totally slipped off my priority list, but let’s talk about it! How’s [x] day at [x] time?
B. Uf. We still want to do this, but it’s not gonna happen in the next few months. Put me on your calendar to bother in [December/Next Spring/Next Summer]
C. Unfortunately, this is off the table for the foreseeable future. Please quit bugging me about it.
D. [Other/Fill in the blank]

The choices sound like they’re coming from a human, not a corporate marketing robot.  Write how you talk. 

Take care,

Find Your Voice

Although this template has worked well for me, authenticity is key, so tweak away and and make it your own.  I’d love to see how you use it — comment away.