“Josh, a prospect who expressed interest, ghosted me. I want to know why but they won’t tell me. What can I do?”

When a prospect ghosts you, it’s easy to focus on trying to understand why.

It’s tempting to rewind the game film over and over again in your head.

To read every email you sent.

To review everything you said.

To think about where you went wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

They’re not ready yet.

They’re making progress without you. (Jobs-to-be-Done)

They’re getting from point A to point B.

Things are holding them back from changing. “I know how to use my current solution. I’d rather dance with the devil I know.” (Inertia)

They’ve got a few concerns about this new way of getting the job done. “Will people use it?” “Will it work?” “Will I lose my job if it doesn’t work”? (Anxiety.)

One day their current way just won’t cut it anymore. (Push)

Your new way will look pretty good. (Pull)

When the pull and push are greater than inertia and anxiety, they might be back.

If they don’t come back, that’s okay.

Reflect on why it hurts so bad when one prospect out of thousands of prospects ghosts you.

Sure it stings a little.

It’s okay to kick rocks.

But why are you spending hours, days, weeks, and even months dwelling on one prospect when there are so many prospects?

Looking for a reason why a prospect ghosted you is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even if you get closure from the prospect, it doesn’t take away the pain.

Knowing how to deal with pain and move on is a good skill to master.