Giving vs. Taking

Don’t do that, do this instead.

What Not to Do

❌ Ask a stranger if they want to grab a coffee.
❌ Ask if you can pick someone’s brain.
❌ Ask for 30 minutes.

Do This Instead

✅ Instead of asking for advice, give advice.

For example, here’s a LinkedIn voicemail I received from Nelly Jebran:

“Hi Josh – been following your posts and love your overall message, especially the 1:1 role-plays, which have been helpful in my biz dev job.

One of my colleagues shared a play from your Badass B2B Guide, and I noticed some awkward sentences and instances of problematic grammar/syntax. I hope you don’t mind, but in the attached PDF, I put some markups and recommended fixes.

I’m wondering if you’d like me to edit your guide so the written message matches the impact of your content.”

Why did this work?

  1. The acknowledgment was genuine and sincere because it was specific.
  2. No risk. By giving away free and high-quality work, Nelly showed me what I could expect if I hired her. Instead of telling me how awesome she was, she showed me how much more awesome I could be.
  3. She was humble (“I hope you don’t mind.)

I hired Nelly the next day.

The takeaway?

You’ll have a much better response rate when you come from a place of giving rather than taking.