Henry’s Cold Email

Pop quiz.

Why did I respond to Henry’s cold email?

Here the email:

Hey, Josh – Subscribed to your email list a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing digital marketing for eight years – have a few unconventional ideas that might goose sales of your Badass Guide without offering discounts.

I don’t get paid unless you make more.

Worth batting around a few ideas? Henry.

P.S. Not sure it’s a fit for you, but several course creators I’m working with are seeing a 10-12% MoM boost in sales.”

Why This Worked

“Subscribed” – Personalization

“Don’t get paid unless you make more”- Lowers ZOR

“Not sure it’s a fit” – Also lowers ZOR .Sound curious not pushy.

“10-20% increase” – Impact and social proof.

“a few unconventional ideas” – piques curiosity.

– “I don’t get paid unless you make more”: we’re in this together, it’s not a hit-and-run

– “10-12% MoM boost in sales”: plausible and exciting proof that what Henry offers work

-Casual writing: Casual writing feels more relatable.