How I Landed Gravy Solutions Withouth Cold Calling, Cold Emailing or Following Up

Here’s how I landed Gravy Solution without cold calling, cold emailing or following up.

I pretended I was already hired.

Once a week, for several months, I wrote posts about ways for Gravy’s SDRs to book more meetings.

Posts about cold call scripts customized to their ICP.

Posts about cold emails that were relevant to who they were targeted.

I didn’t tell Gravy my value proposition. I showed them.

When the CEO, Casey Graham posted, I occasionally commented.




After three months, Gravy hired me. Why? I was top of mind.

No pushing.

No chasing.

No driving for the next step.

No bumping emails to the top of the inbox.

No looking at competitors.

You can do this too.

Instead of asking prospects to see a demo (withdrawal), start by interviewing them on Zoom.

Here’s the email you can send:

“Hi Linda – As someone with a long and successful career leading sales teams, you probably get tons of cold emails. Please give me two sentences before you hit delete. I run a show on LinkedIn that aggregates the best sales knowledge by interviewing exceptional leaders. Loved your five prospecting tips post. Would you be interested in a 10-minute interview via Zoom? Either way, have an awesome Q4.”

Post the interview to LinkedIn. Tag them.

After the interview, send them a thank you note.

Make a t-shirt for your show. Send a t-shirt to everyone you interview.

Once you’ve done ten interview, transcribe them into an eBook using Rev.

Send the eBook to everyone you interviewed.




The takeaway?

Deposits build credit.

Withdrawls ruin it.

Are you overdrawn?