How to Approach People Who Have Little Desire to Talk With You

I’m biking against a pesky headwind.

I have to work twice as hard for the same output, so my speed is cut in half.

A cyclist wearing a Boca Tri jersey approaches and says, “You got this Boca Tri, slip behind my wheel.”

My Boca Tri jersey tipped the cyclist off that I’m in the Boca Tri Group.

So I slipped behind his slipstream.

The wind resistance made it easier to pedal.

We became fast friends.

There’s a good lesson here.

When you approach prospects, they’re ‘riding their bikes’ (doing work).

Whenever you knock, prospects clutch their bags tightly because they’re in the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

The ZOR is a reflex reaction to sales pressure.

How do you lower the ZOR during the first 10 seconds of a cold call?

Tip people off that you’re in the ‘Boca Tri Group.’

Example One
“Hi, Josh. Coach Anna. We’ve never met, but I’m working with several athletes in the Boca Tri Group and came across your name. I know you weren’t expecting my call. Are you able to talk for a brief moment?”

From there, be curious about how they’re currently getting the job done WITHOUT having an ulterior motive.

In other words, detach from the outcome.

Like this:

“Do you have any races coming up, or are you sitting this season out?”

Example Two
“Hi, Lisa. Beth Jones. We’ve never met, but I’m familiar with you because we’re working with several CFOs in the health care sector. I know you weren’t expecting my call. Do you have a moment? I promise to be brief.”

From there:

“Are you using insurance brokers, or are you working directly with carriers?”

There is no script to lower the ZOR. It’s less about what you say and more about being curious instead of being assumptive.

I hope these examples help you lower the ZOR.