How to Be a Red X in a Sea of White Circle Sales Messages

Here’s how to be a red ❌ is a sea of white circle sales messages.

The Jewelry Exchange in Boca has hundreds of jewelers all under one roof.

As I walk around, owners try to lure me in with the same white circle line:

“What are you looking for?”

I always say, “I’m just looking.”

But that’s a lie.

I’m not just looking.

I didn’t just wake up and decide to look at jewelry.

I have the intent to buy.

So why did I lie?

Because I’m in the Zone of Resistance (ZOR).

If I engage, I know the jeweler is going to try to talk me into buying.

I don’t want to feel pressured.

Your prospects feel the same way when you try to lure them in.

They’re in the ZOR too.

So before you can persuade, you need to lower the ZOR.


Here’s how a red ❌ jeweler broke through my ZOR.

(Notices my Ironman hat.)
“Have you done an Ironman?”

That simple question started a 15-minute conversation which led to a sale.

Here are six ways to lower your prospect’s ZOR.

1. Mention a physical attribute. 
“Jim, congrats on the beard. How long have you been growing it?”

2. Be curious about their location
“Sue, why San Fransico? What is it about that place?”

3. React to a noise.
[You hear someone eating]
“Are you eating avocado toast with pink Himalayan sea salt? Isn’t that what everyone eats in CA?”

[You hear a dog]
“What kind of dog is that? Is it a Pit Bull? Does she bite salespeople?”

4. Compliment (only if it’s genuine).
“I love talking to creative people like you. How’d you come up with that idea?”

5. Mention someone’s energy.
“You sound so mellow. I want to be mellow. What’s your secret? Yoga? Meditation? It’s tofu, isn’t it?”

6. Reference a hobby.
“Why do you break wood boards in Tae Kwon Do? What did those boards do that made you people so mad?”

Knowing how to lower the ZOR is a good skill to master.