How To Elegantly Explain What You Do

Chances are you’ve had to explain what you do.

However, you’ve probably never been taught how to explain what you do.

That’s a tragedy because a good explanation of what you do can inspire prospects to care and motivate them to want to learn more.

You can’t get good at something you haven’t been taught how to do.

Here’s a 3 part framework you can steal to elegantly and clearly explain what you do.

Example for Phone Ready Leads

Part 1: The problem: Do you know how . .
“Do you know how SDRs make 50 dials and only have 1-2 live conversations even if you have direct dials? Most people don’t pick up. Or calls go to voicemail.”

Part 2: The solution: With X, you do Y, and Z happens.
“With Phone Ready Leads, you make 50 dials and have 10-12 live conversations so you can book more meetings.”

X is the name of your product or service.
Y is what customers do.
Z is the desired outcome that they can’t currently achieve.

Part 3: The ask
Does that sound interesting?

Example for Uber
“Do you know how frustrating it is to try to get a cab during rush hour or when it’s raining? With Uber, you press a button, and a car takes you to where you want to go without you taking out your wallet, so you’re on time every time. Does that sound interesting?”

Example for a Guitar Program
“Do you know how it feels impossible to make your hands and fingers perform the tasks expected to learn guitar? You can’t form chord shapes correctly. You struggle to press the strings to the fretboard; you hear a buzzing sound. With Greg’s Guitar Method, you spend 20 minutes a day and learn your first song in 2 weeks, so you feel motivated to learn more. Generally speaking, does that sound interesting?”

Your turn.

What do you do?