How to Follow Up Without Being a Pest

Chances are you’re not ready to buy one of my products today.

If you were, you’d be surfing the shop page of my website.

However, you might be ready to buy one day.

That’s because events and circumstances change.

So to stay top of mind, I write posts.

You don’t read my posts because you like to read.

You read my posts to get better at selling.

If you get better after taking action, you secretly think, “Wow, that felt good; what else do you have?”

Then you might become a customer.

In other words, my posts are my secret salesforce. They work 24/7.

No manually following up with people who aren’t ready to buy.

No checking in.

No chasing.

No pounding my chest saying I’m the best.

I’m planting seeds.

I’m a teacher.

You’re not a prospect; you’re a student.

You decide if and when you want to take my classes.

You can enroll or drop out anytime.

You can do this too, even if you don’t write.


Use Notion to aggregate posts on topics your prospects are interested in.

Create an automated  “Top of Mind” (TOM) sequence which contains a collection of posts you’ve aggregated along with your commentary. Drip a few TOM emails out each month.

You’re in my TOM sequence right now.

Teaching is selling.

Selling is teaching.