How to Get LinkedIn Connection Requests Accepted

How to stack the odds in your favor for getting your LinkedIn connection request accepted.

I get 40-50 connection requests per day.

Here’s the litmus test I use to accept requests in order from most likely to least likely.

1) I know you.

2) You mention a common connection.

3) You attended my workshop.

4) You bought my product.

5) You like/comment on my posts.

6) You mention an uncommon connection (Triathlons, guitar, running, swimming, sushi, same school, etc.)

7) You mention a topic I’m interested in getting smarter about.

8) You use the default connection request.


  1. Common Connection
    Hey Josh – Tito suggested we connect.
  2. Uncommon Connection
    “Josh, you like doing triathlons. So do I. Open to connecting?
  3. Bought My Product
    “Hey, Josh – Your Badass Guide is badass. Open to connecting?”
  4. Attended My Workshop
    “Hey, Josh – I attended your cold email workshop. Open to connecting?”
  5. Liked/Commented
    “Josh, I’ve been inhaling your posts. Open to connecting?”
  6. Topic I’m Interested In
    “Josh – It seems like we both share an interest in Jobs-to-be-Done theory. Open to connecting?”

Perhaps this litmus test will help you get more connection requests accepted.