How to Get Prospects to Chase You

Here’s how to get prospects to chase you instead of you chasing them.


Several months ago I bought a Tonal. For the uninitiated, Tonal is a full-body home gym and personal trainer.

When the Tonal installer assessed my wall, he said I’d need to build a pillar-like structure outside the wall to support the weight of Tonal.

So I called Kyle, a handyman.

Within 10 minutes of assessing the project Kyle said this:

“I’ve run into this before. Your studs aren’t spaced 16 inches apart. You don’t need to build an ugly pillar-like structure outside your wall. I can cut into the wall and create a structure behind the wall with 2 inch X 4-inch studs, with the 2-inch dimension facing out. That will allow the Tonal hardware to fully embed into the studs without protruding through the back of the stud. It will take 5 hours to knock it out.”

I hired Kyle on the spot. 3 1/2 hours later I paid him $550.


In less than 100 words, Kyle demonstrated he was credible and competent because he:

1. Leveraged social proof (I’ve run into this before).

2. Described the problem (studs aren’t 16 inches apart).

3. Had a point of view (you don’t need a pillar).

4. Told me how long it would take to get done (3 hours).

5. Was specific or “crispy. When you’re crispy, you’re more believable.

There’s a good lesson here.

To stand out you have to stand for something.

Pretend you’re a personal trainer, not a server taking orders.

What do you know that your prospect doesn’t know?

What do you stand for?